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Photo of the Week: Sustainable Farming With Worms

Photo of the Week: Sustainable Farming With Worms

By Inter-American Foundation on Comment

In El Salvador, vermicomposting is a hands-on activity for Jorge Martín of IAF grantee partner alum Fundación para el Fomento de Empresas de Recolección y Tratamiento Ambiental de los Desechos Sólidos de Ilopango (ABAILOPANGO).

Vermicompost is the product of composting using various species of earthworms to produce a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer suitable for small-scale sustainable farming. Working in the municipalities of San Salvador, Ilopango and Mejicanos, ABAILOPANGO helps to provide ecological groups with appropriate infrastructure such as a patios, tools and equipment to successfully carry out innovative organic waste recollection and compost-producing activities.

Read the 2016 issue of Grassroots Development: Journal of the Inter-American Foundation for more information on how our grantee partners build resilience to cope with environmental challenges such as droughts, flooding and unpredictable agricultural conditions.  

Photo credit: Sean Sprague

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