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Photo of the Week: Young Hondurans Dream

Photo of the Week: Young Hondurans Dream

By Inter-American Foundation on Comment

Our grantee partner Grupo Juvenil Dion (GJD) teaches marketable skills to young Hondurans. These skills allow young people to escape becoming entrapped in illicit activities such as guns, gangs, drugs and prostitution. Instead the organization offers alternative activities to help young people gain confidence and improve the standard of living for their families.

For decades GJD operated from its main facility in La Pedredgal, one of Tegucigalpa's poorest and most densely-packed neighborhoods. Young people received vocational training in carpentry, baking skills, information technology, salon services, tailoring and electrical repair. Local gang violence forced GJD to close its school in the Honduran capital, but the organization refused to abandon young Hondurans.

Now GJD offers mobile workshops throughout the country. The workshops help young people such as Kelyn Jojary (pictured above), a beautician student. Through its workshops, GJD is able to help young Hondurans learn marketable skills, identify job opportunities and launch small businesses.

Watch the video below to hear young Hondurans talk about GJD and other IAF grantee partners in Honduras:


Photo credit: Mark Caicedo

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