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Photo of the Week: Sharing History Through Dance

Photo of the Week: Sharing History Through Dance

By Inter-American Foundation on Comment

Louis Oldin, Jean Rose Deodine Petuelle and Marc-Elise Pierre are members of IAF grantee partner Troupe Culturelle Dahomey. They are based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The troupe formed from the cultural affairs department of Sant Pont Ayiti (SPA), which means “Haiti Bridge Center” in Haitian Creole. The troupe’s goal is to create a platform for cultural exchange and friendship between Haiti and its eastern Hispaniola neighbor the Dominican Republic.

Through music, dance and theater, the troupe preserves a Haitian traditional heritage for modern young people who turn their eyes and ears to foreign entertainment. The name “Dahomey” comes from the African kingdom now known as present-day Benin. Members of all ages perform throughout the Caribbean to teach Haitians and Afrodescendents about their shared culture and history.  

Photo credit: Robin Wyatt
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