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Video: Urban Agenda from the Comunas

By Inter-American Foundation on Comment

A large portion of the internal refugees caught up in Colombia’s 50-plus year civil conflict are indigenous people. This video, the fifth in our series that follows our grantee partners working to build peace in Colombia, highlights the effort of marginalized communities to be included in the post-conflict peace agenda.

IAF grantee partner Sumapaz focuses on a participatory approach to construct an urban peace agenda, and its members are raising awareness on their activities through a publicity campaign. They believe grassroots organizations will be better prepared to negotiate with local officials to propose peace projects in their communities, reaching residents in four marginalized communities (comunas) of Northeast Medellín. They are one of 18 community organizations that we support to explore and to participate in building peace in their territories.

Our IAF grantee partners are constructing peace in their territories in Colombia. This is how we support their grassroots efforts as individual organizations and as a system — "un sistema de paz."


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