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  • International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

    Of the estimated 300 million indigenous individuals in the world today, some 45 million, representing more than 400 ethnicities, live in Latin America.

  • How come this foundation’s grantees love its reporting process so much?

    On surveys conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy the IAF got the best rating ever seen for helpfulness on a reporting process.

  • On World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

    On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, we take a look at a Dominican organization making a difference to prevent the exploitation of minors by partnering with the private sector.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25

    This week the American with Disabilities Act marked its first quarter-century. The landmark statute enacted in 1990 prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.

  • Organic Certification through Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in Paraguay

    Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGSs) for organic products are an alternative to certifications generally issued by organizations such as ECOCERT, OCIA International and others.

  • OYE Como Va

    A group of young Hondurans representing our grantee OYE won first prize for their video sharing a vision for a country free of impunity and violence.

  • Are we there yet?

    Access to Veyon requires an important decision: either to park near the town Petite Rivière and hike some 20 km or, if the vehicle’s off-roading capabilities merit complete confidence, to shorten the hike to an hour by driving on a dangerously steep incline.

  • Unveiled: Working with Rural Communities in Haiti

    Haitians from civil society organizations share an unlikely story about what they achieved since the January 2010 earthquake and their succesful partnerships with the IAF.

  • Independence and Cooperation

    The United States will celebrate the Fourth of July as Independence Day, but elsewhere in the world the first Saturday in July is International Co-operative Day, a commemoration now on its 93rd year.

  • Tapping a Network of Small Producers

    Back from a conference on agroecology, Amanda Fagerblom reflects on how IAF grantee partners are taking advantage of each other's expertise and looking to grow a movement.

  • 2014 Grantee Perception Report

    In 2011 the IAF became the first federal agency to participate in the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s (CEP) grantee perception survey. To continue assessing our progress and improving as a donor we participated for a second time in 2014.

  • New IAF Blog: A place to share stories and perspectives

    IAF's blog is a place to offer insight into how development organizations can best reinforce and nurture local control in the communities we serve.

  • UNDP Recognition for IAF grantees

    The Global Fund for Community Foundations, highlighted the work of two IAF grantees that recently recently participated in a regional planning session of the UNDP Small Grants Programme.

  • Soccer Hits the Streets of Buenos Aires

    The city of Buenos Aires will be hosting the Copa Americas Cup of Street Soccer, an event that includes youth teams from 13 countries.

  • 2015 Grassroots Development Fellowships

    The IAF has awarded Grassroots Development Fellowships to 15 Ph.D. candidates from universities in the United States who will conduct dissertation research in Latin America during the coming year.

  • Annual Meeting of The Council of Foundations 2015

    The Council on Foundations, a membership organization of more than 1,600 philanthropic institutions, is hosting its Annual Meeting in San Francisco on April 26-28.

  • Earth Day 2015

    In the spirit of Earth Day, some 100 members from more than 60 IAF grantee partners, representing sixteen countries, traveled to Paraná to join grassroots and farmer organizations from all over Brazil.

  • Haiti: Five Years After

    Join us for a screening of the Haiti: Five Years After, followed by a panel and Q&A discussion with leaders of Haitian community organizations.

  • Transformadores 2015

    The second Latin American Grassroots Development Award recognized outstanding community development initiatives as well as the donors that financed, encouraged and otherwise supported them.

  • EcoVida: Farming for life

    Starting on April 22, Earth Day, dozens of IAF grantees and other farmer organizations will meet to discuss effective ways for farmers to cultivate the land sustainably and market their products.

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