Our People

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Office of the President and CEO
Paloma Adams-Allen 
Office of External and Government Affairs  General Counsel Office of Operations  Networks & Strategic Initiatives  Grant-Making & Portfolio Management 

Barbara Aliño

 Managing Director

Paul Zimmerman

General Counsel

Lesley Duncan

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Cox

Managing Director
Marcy Kelley
Managing Director

Office of the President and CEO

  • Responsible for overall management of the IAF, providing executive leadership and direction.
  • Coordinates activities and communications across departments and manages official correspondence, investments, scheduling, and interagency relations for the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council.
  • Oversees reporting required by Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and the Inspector General.

    Paloma Adams-Allen
    , President and CEO
    Karen Vargas, Executive Assistant

Office of External and Government Affairs:

  • Coordinates relationships with the White House, Congress, USG agencies, universities, NGOs, think-tanks, the private sector, and other stakeholders.
  • Responds to all media inquires and interview requests, coordinates all public events, maintains the public web site, produces all published materials, disseminates information to the public, and prepares statements and speeches.
  • In coordination with the Programs Office, identifies potential areas for collaboration with development agencies, foundations and the private sector.

Barbara Aliño, Managing Director
Edith Bermudez, Communications Specialist
Megan Fletcher, Congressional Affairs
Cloud Spurlock, Digital Communications Specialist
Lauren Woodham, Partnership Development Manager

Office of the General Counsel:

  • Provides legal counsel and advice to the IAF’s board of directors, president and staff. Interprets statues, regulations and policies.
  • Reviews all grant agreements and contracts for legal sufficiency.
  • Handles all litigation involving the Foundation.
  • Manages ethics and FOIA programs and ensures compliance with other administrative laws.

Paul Zimmerman, General Counsel
Ravi Kambhampaty, Associate General Counsel

Office of Operations:

  • Plans and directs all activities related to financial management and budgeting, including the coordination of agency operational audits.
  • Manages all human resources.
  • Maintains information technology infrastructure and services.
  • Oversees security.
  • Coordinates and manages IAF’s facilities; contracting and procurement; travel services; records management; administrative services; and emergency and continuity of operations.
  • Coordinates financial audits and interactions with the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office.

Lesley Duncan, Chief Operating Officer
Mark Caicedo, Management Analyst
Michael Campbell, Auditor
Daniel Glenn, Information Technology Specialist
Rajiv Jain, Chief Information Officer
Kara Rogers, Management Analyst
Shayla Summerhill, Management Analyst
Christopher Wood, Finance and Budget Officer

Office of Programs:

  • Develops and acts on strategies for identifying and negotiating the funding actions that make up the IAF’s portfolio.
  • Supports partner organizations in making the projects work and monitoring progress and results.
  • Works with partners and others to learn from our experiences and share useful lessons about grassroots development.
  • Brokers relationships among partners, projects and others to help replicate successes and amplify impacts.
  • Oversees the monitoring and evaluation of projects.
  • Develops evaluation methods and tools to assess projects' impact and performance.
  • Oversees the IAF Fellowship Program.

Stephen Cox, Managing Director for Networks & Strategic Initiatives
Miguel Cuevas, Evaluation Specialist
Mary DeLorey, Representative for Honduras
Amanda Fagerblom, Network Services Specialist
Jenny Petrow, Representative for Colombia and Jamaica
Juanita Roca, Representative for Colombia and Chile

Marcy Kelley, Managing Director for Grant-making & Portfolio Management and Representative for Costa Rica
Gabriela Boyer, Representative for Nicaragua and Mexico
Miriam E. Brandão, Representative for  Peru
Carolina Cardona, Representative for Haiti and Dominican Republic
Jeremy Coon, Representative for Bolivia 
Ginger Deason, Representative for Ecuador and Panama 
David Fleischer, Representative for Brazil and Uruguay
Margaret Francis, Representative for  Paraguay and Argentina
Seth Jesse, Representative for Mexico
Claudia Kaupert, Program Staff Assistant
Rosemarie Moreken, Representative for El Salvador
Monica Radwan, Program Staff Assistant
Kaitlin Stastny, Program Staff Assistant
Sarah Stewart, Representative for Honduras 
Jose Toasa, Representative for Belize, Guatemala
Julia Toscano, Program Staff assistant