Sources of IAF funds

Our resources come from Congressional appropriations, strategic partnerships, and private donations.


We receive the majority of our funds from direct annual appropriations, ranging from $21.3M during sequestration in Fiscal Year 2013 to $37.5M in Fiscal Year 2020.

The IAF also receives inter-agency transfers to address U.S. strategic priorities using our unique, bottom-up development model. For example, Congress directed a $10 million inter-agency transfer from USAID in Fiscal Year 2018 to advance U.S. priorities in Central America.

Strategic Partnerships & Private Donations

We diversify our funding sources through strategic partnerships with the corporate and philanthropic sectors. For example, our Mexico Earthquake Partnership responds to community needs by leveraging funds from partners such as the Mott Foundation, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, El Paso Community Foundation, and the International Community Foundation. See our partners page to learn more about IAF partners and get involved.

Making our funds go further

Our cost-effective development model requires grantee partners to mobilize counterpart resources for each project we fund. By requiring a counterpart contribution, our approach maximizes sustainability and ensures genuine local ownership of solutions to development challenges facing communities. On average, our partners bring $1.26 of counterpart resources for every $1.00 of IAF support.

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