The health, safety, and security of our staff and grantee partners are the highest priorities of the Inter-American Foundation.

Already vulnerable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean now face increasing food insecurity, health risks, loss of livelihoods, and increased violence risks due to COVID-19. Our grantees are on the front lines helping these communities survive the pandemic. They are also looking to the future to restart their economies and rebuild their communities. 

We are funding grassroots organizations as they:

surgical mask iconSupport immediate response to help keep communities healthy, safe, and informed.
A bar graph shows an arrow going up.Invest in recovery activities that will help people earn a living, return to school, and access basic services.
Icon showing two people working together to move a boxBolster longer-term resilience among already underserved communities against economic, social, and environmental shocks.

By meeting immediate needs and promoting emergency preparedness, we are strengthening local organizations and their communities to weather this and future crises.