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Despite progress over the past decade, Brazil still struggles with poverty and food insecurity, environmental degradation, and urban violence. We fund projects in 18 Brazilian states that create opportunity and address challenges faced by the country’s most vulnerable populations. Our grantee partners help local economies grow through sustainable agriculture and small business development. They also build leadership opportunities for youth, women, Afro-Brazilians, and indigenous peoples. Finally, we partner with community organizations in Brasilia and Recife that provide job training and small business opportunities to displaced Venezuelans.

We awarded our first grant in Brazil in 1972. Since then, we have provided $67.3 million through 457 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Brazil

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2021 – AQUIPP

Associação Quilombola do Povoado Patioba (AQUIPP) works with Quilombola communities in the region to promote local entrepreneurship and to strengthen Afro-Brazilian culture among its members to build a solid social foundation for locally-led development initiatives.

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Diaconia promotes inclusive and sustainable development of smallholder farmers in Northeast Brazil using "participatory certification systems," in which peers, typically other farmers, inspect farms' organic practices.

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Instituto Fazer Acontecer (IFA) reaches young leaders in communities of Bahia state with a curriculum that engages them in problem-solving and critical thinking to address local social and economic challenges.

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2021 – CENEP

Centro De Educação Popular (CENEP) is expanding production of native medicinal plants and herbal medicines approved by the Brazilian Unified Health System to improve daily health practices for urban and rural communities in the Curimataú region, as well as generating income for smallholder farmers in an environmentally sustainable way.

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2021 – CASA

Fundo Socioambiental Casa (CASA) is partnering with Fundo Baobá de Equidade Racial (Baobá) and Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos (Brazil Fund) to establish a COVID-19 fund.

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2020 – CETAP

Centro de Tecnologias Alternativas Populares (CETAP) works with smallholder farmers in Southeast Brazil, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and connecting producers directly to consumers to improve farmers’ quality of life and consumers’ food security.

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2020 – MMV

Associação Movimento Mecenas da Vida (MMV) works with a network of small farmers to organize participatory organic agricultural certification, establish new markets, and conserve natural resources.

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2020 – AEFAJA

Associação Escola Família Agrícola Jaguaribana (AEFAJA) works with smallholder farmers along the Jaguaribe River valley, in the state of Ceará, Brazil, to strengthen food security and resilience to drought by rescuing seeds native to the region, constructing community seed banks, and creating a seed exchange network.

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