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Guatemalans face widespread poverty, food insecurity, corruption, and violent crime. These issues, together with high rates of unemployment and the falling price of income-generating crops like coffee, drive unprecedented rates of irregular migration. Our grantee partners address these challenges by enhancing peace and security and improving democratic governance. They also expand economic opportunity, and reduce the motivation to migrate at the local level. They work with underserved populations in migrant-sending communities, including women, youth, and indigenous groups, to create sustainable livelihoods in 13 of the country’s 22 departments.

We awarded our first grant in Guatemala in 1972. Since then, we have provided $41 million through 245 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Guatemala

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Fundación para el Desarrollo y Fortalecimiento de las Organizaciones de Base (FUNDEBASE) provides training and support to 25 rural women’s groups on how to engage effectively with their local governments and create income-generating opportunities.

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2020 – AGUND

Asociación Civil Guatemaltecos Unidos por Nuestros Derechos (AGUND) is improving food security by recovering ancestral production practices, and increasing and diversifying production and consumption of high nutritional products in house gardens. 

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2020 – El Esfuerzo

Sociedad Civil El Esfuerzo (El Esfuerzo) strengthens forest management and community enterprises in Petén, Guatemala, that create employment, increase income, and improve the quality of life. El Esfuerzo provides training and technical assistance to implement sustainable forest management practices, harvest and sell xate palm, and undertake eco-tourism activities that generate employment and provide alternatives to irregular migration. 

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Asociación de Padres y Amigos de Personas con Discapacidad de San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá (ASOPADIS) is raising awareness among local officials of the rights of people with disabilities and training parents, school officials, and healthcare providers on how to better meet their needs.  

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2020 – ASPROC

Asociación de Productores Comalapenses (ASPROC) helps smallholder farmers meet
these challenges through a combination of training, technical assistance, farmer-to-farmer
exchanges, and access to inputs and technologies to strengthen their production.

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Asociación Civil de Pequeños y Medianos Agricultores del Kape (ASOKAPE) provides members with training and networking opportunities that help increase production and improve leadership and marketing skills.

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Cooperativa Integral de Ahorro y Crédito Cultura Comunitaria Responsabilidad Limitada (COCULTURA) enables local artists to access capital to grow or launch their small businesses.

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2018 – ARG

Asociación de Retornados Guatemaltecos (ARG) works to re-integrate returnees back into Guatemalan society by connecting them with potential employers, vocational training opportunities, government services and to a network of returnees who have built new lives for themselves in Guatemala.

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2018 – OMYC

Sociedad Civil de Nombre Organización, Manejo y Conservación (OMYC) creates opportunities for the residents of the community of Uaxactún by promoting income generation, strengthening governance, and enhancing peace and security.

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