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Honduras struggles with high unemployment, violence, insecurity, and multi-year droughts. These challenges contribute to high levels of U.S.-bound migration, especially among youth. Our grants in Honduras expand economic opportunity, enhance peace and security, improve democratic governance, and reduce the motivation to migrate. Our grantee partners work with underserved groups in rural and high migrant-sending communities in 17 of the country’s 18 departments. Their projects increase employment and income-generating opportunities through job training, small business development, and improved agricultural production.

We awarded our first grant in Honduras in 1972. Since then, we have provided $40 million through 208 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Honduras

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2020 – GJD

Grupo Juvenil Dion (GJD) is organizing a volunteer effort to establish emergency community kitchens and workshops to create 15,000 masks in five marginal areas of Tegucigalpa, recruiting gastronomy graduates of their training program and community volunteers for a short-term response to food-insecure families. 

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Protección Hondureña del Medio Ambiente (PROHMEDA) helps farmers boost their incomes and food security by encouraging them to diversify their crops, adopt sustainable agriculture practices, and better connect with markets.

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Fundación Madera Verde (FMV) increases incomes of indigenous Pech communities in San Esteban through sustainable forestry practices and access to legal markets for post-production, responsibly-sourced wood and non-wood products such as furniture and crafts.

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Roatan Marine Park (RMP), is safeguarding the long-term health of the coral reef by providing technical support and training for the park rangers who conduct marine patrols. 

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Centro de Desarrollo Empresarial para la Micro, Pequeño y Mediana Empresa of the Western Region (CDE MIPYME ROC), works with the public and private sectors to provide training and technical assistance to women and youth entrepreneurs, expand their market access, and develop a regional tourism association that will offer ongoing technical, logistic, and marketing support along the country’s tourism corridor.

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2020 – FUHRIL

Fundación Hondureña de Rehabilitación e Integración del Limitado (FUHRIL) trains community advocates in nine municipalities of Western Honduras to identify the needs of persons with disabilities and connect them with local stakeholders and services to ensure their incorporation into society as fully as possible.

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2020 – APRAL

Asociación Perspírense de Agropecuario Limitada (APRAL) is an association of small-scale farmers that is increasing its capacity to produce, process, and market tropical fruit, so that it can expand to national markets.

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2020 – ACPH

Acción Cultural Popular de Honduras (ACPH) engages with the public and private sectors to promote alternatives to migration in the municipality of El Progreso by developing employment skills, encouraging local entrepreneurship, and expanding labor market access for at-risk youth.

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Gemelos de Honduras, works to strengthen, incorporate, and expand Garifuna microenterprises in the municipalities of La Ceiba and Jutiapa through technical assistance, market development, and small loans to help the Garifuna people create viable enterprises that improve their livelihoods within their communities.

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