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2021 – CLAC

Fundación Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Pequeños Productores y Trabajadores de Comercio Justo (CLAC), the Latin American representative of Fairtrade International's certified producers, will establish a joint COVID-19 recovery fund with the IAF that will support grassroots producer organizations from 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that are Fairtrade certified or aligned with fair trade principles.

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Asociación de Pescadores Artesanales del Caribe Sur (ASOPACS) will work with its members to establish a cooperative business model for seafood sales to overcome the hurdles caused by the pandemic.

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CFLeads works to engage community philanthropies, community foundations, and locally-rooted institutions from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries in the hemisphere, encouraging peer-to-peer exchanges, awarding grants for mapping and community projects, and organizing conferences to improve overall programs and making them more responsive and connected to the residents in their local areas.

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2020 – AEPDI

Asociación Estoreña Para el Desarrollo Integral (AEPDI), coordinates the Central American Network of Indigenous Community Radios consisting of 20 indigenous radio stations located throughout Central America.

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The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a global leader in research on food systems and sustainable agricultural development, providing resource-poor farmers and their networks access to LiteFarm, a free and open-source web-based application, to use evidence to manage their farms sustainably.

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2020 – MAKAIA

Corporación MAKAIA (MAKAIA) works with IAF grantees across the region to build a collaborative virtual community of practice, RedColaborar to help propel community-led approaches to sustainable agriculture, enterprise development and job skills, peacebuilding, and other key development issues. 

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2020 – ACOFOP

Asociación de Comunidades Forestales de Petén (ACOFOP) together with the Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques (AMPB) is promoting inclusive and sustainable economic development in forest communities by strengthening a network of young leaders from Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

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The International Community Foundation (ICF) will provide awards to support local development efforts in Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama to increase income, enhance food security, promote peer-to-peer exchanges, and strengthen governance.

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