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Our grantee partners in Mexico expand economic opportunity and enhance peace and security at the local level. They also improve democratic governance and reduce the motivation to migrate. We invest in local organizations addressing challenges like food insecurity, poor crop yields due to environmental degradation, natural disasters, and low market access. Our grantee partners work with underserved populations in 29 of the country’s 32 states, including indigenous people, women, and youth. We fund mainly in Mexico’s central and southern states, particularly those with high poverty, inequality, and migration rates like Oaxaca and Chiapas.

We awarded our first grant in Mexico in 1972. Since then, we have awarded $71 million through 433 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Mexico

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2021 – SERAPAZ

Servicios y Asesoría para la Paz, A.C. (Serapaz) provides cross-cutting training for civil society leaders from across Mexico, including IAF grantee partners, on conflict transformation, collaborative and non-violent solutions, and personal and institutional safety.

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2021 – MUTRAM

Mujeres Transformando Mundos, A.C. (MUTRAM), in coordination with popular education organization Centro de Educación Integral de Base (CEIBA), supports grassroots leaders and groups in southern Chiapas to address gender-based violence and improve gender equity through trainings and workshops. 

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Acción Social Samuel Ruiz A.C. (ASSR) assists Indigenous and mestizo families in Chiapas to generate income and improve their quality of life through training, technical assistance, farmer-to-farmer exchanges, and seed funding for their enterprises.

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2021 – AUGE

Desarrollo Autogestionario, A.C. (AUGE) promotes recovery and resilience among communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing food security through sustainable smallholder agricultural practices.

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2020 – Campesino

Centro Campesino para el Desarrollo Sustentable, A.C. (Campesino) established Mexico's first recognized participatory farming certification system and the first network connecting producers directly to consumers to improve farmers' quality of life and consumers' food security. 

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2020 – México y Caribe Jóvenes

 México y Caribe Jóvenes, A.C. (México y Caribe Jóvenes) empowers young people in Chetumal, Quintana Roo to increase graduation rates, reduce gender-based violence, construct a culture of peace, and reduce the pressure on youths to leave their communities in search of other prospects. 

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2020 – Amigos de San Cristóbal

Amigos de San Cristóbal A.C. (Amigos de San Cristóbal) is drawing from multiple sources -- individual residents, community groups, and the public and private sectors -- to channel know-how and resources to development projects in the region.

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Alianza de Fundaciones Comunitarias (Comunalia) is developing a challenge grant program to enhance community foundations' capacity to support grassroots initiatives in Mexico.

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