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Panama suffers from high rates of poverty, inequality, and insecurity linked to drug trafficking. Our grantee partners in Panama expand economic opportunity, enhance peace and security, and improve democratic governance at the local level. We invest in helping people manage their natural resources and preparing local organizations to spur employment, increase food security, and improve resiliency in the face of natural disasters. Currently, our grantees work in four of Panama’s 13 provinces and territories.

We awarded our first grant in Panama in 1972. Since then, we have provided $30.9 million through 227 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Panama

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Fundación Rapaces y Bosques - Panamá (FRBP), supports Indigenous communities in the Darien to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that increase incomes and food security while also protecting rainforest ecosystems. 

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Fundación AVINA (AVINA) will support Redes Chaco, a network of grassroots, civil society, and private sector organizations, to build local decision-making capacity to respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

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Asociación Para el Desarrollo Integral Comunitario de Cerro Pelado (ADICO) strengthens community engagement through technical training and shared resources and encourages smallholder producers to use sustainable, limited contact methods to cultivate and sell coffee, bananas, rice and vegetables.

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2020 – FUNDAT

Fundación Agua y Tierra (FUNDAT) works with local groups to develop a strong, community-based tourism infrastructure that both takes advantage of and protects the numerous natural resources found there, supporting local communities in becoming self-sustaining.

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Fundación de Organizaciones Campesinas e Indígenas de Veraguas (FOCIV) offers technical assistance to community leaders to develop skills in sustainable farming, adaptation to natural disasters, and engaging local officials to provide access to basic services.

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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral Comunitario y Conservación de los Ecosistemas en Panamá (FUNDICCEP), works with local communities to promote wider participation in disaster readiness committees, strengthen disaster readiness and risk management plans, and ensure that Ngäbe and other workers’ voices are heard and needs are met in community decision-making. 

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Unión de Pescadores Artesanales Bocatoreños (UPESABO), is an artisanal fishers association working with its members and other Panamanian organizations to control the lionfish population, including by promoting its consumption.

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