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Peru struggles with poverty, violence, and widespread inequality. Our grantee partners address these issues by developing economic and social opportunities for underserved populations, including women, youth, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, and people with disabilities. Some have begun working with communities affected by the Venezuela humanitarian crisis, which has brought more than 830,000 displaced Venezuelans to Peru. Currently, our grantees work in eight of Peru’s 24 departments.

We awarded our first grant in Peru in 1971. Since then, we have provided $66.8 million through 320 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Peru

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2021 – Urku

Asociación Urku Estudios Amazónicos (Urku) provides technical and commercial assistance and sub-grants for community-managed enterprises and supports community-led efforts to promote forest-friendly supply chains for goods and services.

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2021 – IMAGEN

Instituto de Medio Ambiente y Género para el Desarrollo (IMAGEN) will reduce the social and economic vulnerability of Venezuelan migrants, primarily women, in Cusco by supporting their mental health, training them in entrepreneurship and job search skills, and providing information and training to legalize their residence status.

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2021 – TACIF

Taller de Capacitación e Investigación Familiar (TACIF) will support Peruvian and Venezuelan migrant youth with training and technical assistance to develop and improve microenterprises, create spaces for them to interact, and share their cultures, experiences, and problems.

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2021 – APACHU

Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios Conservacionistas de Huamanpata (APACHU) raises and sells high-quality Amazonian fish, enhancing the food security of its members and their families. 

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2021 – Norandino

Cooperativa Agraria Norandino (Norandino) is working with cacao producers in the Department of Piura to improve their productive, organizational, and marketing capacities by implementing innovative solutions for them to achieve cacao export standards.

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Centro de Estudios y Desarrollo Social Apurimac (CEDES-APURIMAC) supports smallholder farmers to recover their productive capacity and reduce their level of vulnerability to external market and weather-related shocks, becoming more resilient to the impacts of the pandemic and contributing to local economic recovery.

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Cooperativa Agraria de Productores de Banano, Cacao Orgánico y Otros Cultivos Agrarios del Distrito de Buenos Aires, Morropón Alto Piura Ltda. (COOP ASPROBO) will raise the income and quality of life of its members by strengthening their productive capacity and promoting and marketing their organic bananas domestically and internationally.

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2021 – Ashanti Perú

Ashanti Perú- Red Peruana de Jóvenes Afrodescendientes (Ashanti Perú) will establish an Afro-Peruvian Youth Citizen Action Center to empower future Afro-descendant leaders in metropolitan Lima to exercise their economic and social rights and strengthen their skills and abilities to advocate for inclusive public policies.

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2020 – AGTR

Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR) works in metropolitan Lima to empower female domestic workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their living standards, while also supporting Venezuelan migrants understand the legal and administrative requirements to regularize their work status and validate their professional degrees and certifications. 

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