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Florencia Alvarez

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We invest in community-led organizations in Uruguay that invest in and scale up creative approaches to development. We support local philanthropic organizations to better address the country’s development needs. With the public and private sector, we are promoting community philanthropy, strengthening civil society organizations, and mobilizing local resources for grassroots development.

We awarded our first grant in Uruguay in 1976. Since then, we have provided $19.4 million through 139 grants to local organizations.

Projects in Uruguay

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2021 – MV

Asociación Civil Manos Veneguayas (MV) provides training and technical assistance to Venezuelan migrants in employability and entrepreneurship.

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Construyendo Puentes Dignos (CPUED) provides training and technical assistance in employment and entrepreneurship, promotes social integration, and facilitates access to education, health, and psychosocial services.

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Asociación Civil Fondo Región Colonia (FRC) provides grants for projects that encourage community participation and exchanges among local organizations and mobilize local, national, and international resources from the public and private sectors.

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We are governed by a bipartisan board of directors appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. Members are drawn from both the private sector and federal government. The board appoints a president who serves as our chief executive officer.

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