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For more than 50 years, the IAF has supported 5,000+ local partners—from smallholder farmers to civil society leaders, women entrepreneurs to youth innovators—to strengthen community resilience throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our grants empower local people to develop their own ideas for creating more prosperous, peaceful, and democratic communities.

Today, we have more than 390 grantees in 27 countries throughout the hemisphere, benefitting 3.5 million people.

Celebrate our 50+ years of impact by donating to help us continue championing grassroots development throughout the Americas.

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Help Us Respond to Emerging Crises

Your donation will help us champion community-led grassroots solutions to pressing crises affecting the region.

A group of recently returned migrants pass through a service station run by IAF grantees.

Migration Crises

We partner with communities in Latin America and the Caribbean that send or receive migrants fleeing political, economic, and social upheaval. In Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, our grantees provide displaced Venezuelans and receiving communities with psychosocial support, job-readiness training, and basic services. And in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, our grantees create jobs, feed communities, and build safe spaces—especially for youth—in areas struggling with poverty, crime, violence, and out-migration.

An Eastern Caribbean woman stands in front of her house

Natural Disasters and Emergencies

After disaster strikes, we rapidly mobilize fellow donors and partners to channel funds directly to local organizations rebuilding communities and kickstarting local livelihoodswhether they’re recovering from hurricanes in Central America or COVID-19. We also partner with grassroots groups in the Eastern Caribbean to ensure that local economies and infrastructure can withstand future disasters.

A group of young people march down the street holding signs.

Political Strife

We help people rebuild peace and prosperity from the ground up. Through our Colombian Peacebuilding Initiative, we’re investing in a network of grassroots peacebuilders that now includes more than 500 local organizations. And as Nicaraguan families struggle to make ends meet amid economic crisis and civil unrest, we’re working with community leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their small businesses and bolster smallholder agriculture.

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Frequently asked questions

Why donate?2019-09-09T13:20:25-04:00

Private giving is essential to strengthen our investments in grassroots development and help communities thrive in Latin America and the Caribbean through sustainable programming. As an independent agency of the U.S. government, we receive an annual allocation of funds through the federal appropriations process, which constitutes the majority of our operating and programmatic budget. However, we regularly receive more high-quality, viable proposals for projects than we can fund via agency appropriations. Private support from donors like you makes our limited federal funding go further, by allowing us to support more of the region’s best ideas and promote a sustainable funding model throughout the hemisphere.

Is my donation tax-deductible?2018-08-17T13:43:57-04:00

Yes. The IAF is an independent agency of the United States government, and your donation qualifies as a charitable contribution under IRS Code sections 170(a) and 170(c).

Can I designate my gift to a certain program or country?2019-09-09T15:53:25-04:00

We appreciate your interest in supporting our projects. The IAF carefully conducts a priorities and needs assessment of the region. While it is possible to have your gift directed toward a specific initiative or country where we work, we prefer that you make your contribution unrestricted to the IAF. Doing so ensures agency resources are more quickly and effectively available to meet the region’s greatest needs. If you have any concerns, please send an email to donate@iaf.gov.

How will you protect my privacy when I submit a donation through your website?2019-09-09T16:22:27-04:00

The Inter-American Foundation is committed to respecting the privacy of donors. We will not sell, share, or trade your name or personal information with any other entity, nor send you mailings on behalf of other organizations.

This policy applies to all information received by the Inter-American Foundation, both online and offline, as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications.

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