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Project Description

Rural communities in Corrientes Province often lack jobs or access to learn employability skills. Asociación Civil “La Choza” – Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Local provides training and technical assistance to a cooperative and to young people to develop sustainable community-based ecotourism enterprises in and around a protected wetland area. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to expand economic opportunity in Argentina. La Choza’s activities encourage small business growth, local entrepreneurship and market development to ensure meaningful opportunities for communities to thrive.

Asociación Civil “La Choza”- Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Local
Project: Location: Years active: IAF grant funding: Counterpart commitment: Direct beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries: Program areas:
Eco-Tourism and community development in the Ibera Wetlands Argentina 2013 – 2020 $423,425 $904,850 1,830 individuals 5,000 community residents leadership and education
job skills and enterprise development
natural resource management

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