2018 – Casa de las Estrategias

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Project Description

Young people in Medellín’s peripheral neighborhoods face high levels of violence and are often disengaged from civic life. Fundación Casa de las Estrategias (Casa de las Estrategias) trains adolescents from seven communities in Medellín to become citizen journalists who research and report news that holds local governments accountable, thereby underscoring their obligations and rights as citizens. At the IAF we support community-led solutions to strengthen democratic governance in Colombia. Casa de las Estrategias encourages civic participation to advocate for government accountability and transparency. This grant is part of our broader initiative that supports grassroots organizations to build a just and lasting peace in Colombia.

Project Amendments

This amendment provides Casa de las Estrategias with an additional 12 months to implement their grant and $150,000 to open a community youth center in the border city of Cúcuta, Colombia, so that young Venezuelan migrants and Colombian youth can access psycho-social support, participate in communications and media training, and contribute to the increased inclusion of Venzuelan migrants into their communities. As part of the amendment, Casa de las Estrategias is mobilizing an additional $176,376 in counterpart resources to support these efforts.

This amendment is part of the IAF’s commitment to support displaced Venezuelans and communities impacted by the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.

Fundación Casa de las Estrategias*
Project: Location: Years active: IAF grant funding: Counterpart commitment: Direct beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries: Program areas:
Training adolescents in citizen oversight Colombia 2018 – 2021 $425,874 $396,054 550 individuals 78,000 individuals leadership

*includes amendment data

Talk about community-led development!

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