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Asociación Cultural para el Desarrollo Integral (ACDI) works with a network of producer organizations to create business plans and strengthen their management and technical capacity to attain new markets for their socially responsible and artisanal products.

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2015-Enlace Social

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Asociación Civil Enlace Social (Enlace Social) provides training for disadvantaged women to develop fair trade clothing manufacturing businesses and to improve working conditions.

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Asociación de Pequeños Productores Aborígenes de la Puna (APPP) provides technical assistance to small producers to improve their production, processing and marketing of llama meat; encourage the consumption of locally sourced food; and raise awareness of the Kolla culture.

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Cooperativa Agroganadera Diaguita Limitada de Santa Maria (Diaguita) provides technical assistance to its members and smallholder farmers in the region to improve their production of aromatic herbs and spices and to identify markets in which to sell fair trade products.

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2013-La Choza

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Asociación Civil "La Choza" - Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Local provides training and technical assistance to a cooperative and to young people to develop sustainable community-based ecotourism enterprises in and around a protected wetland area.

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Fundación Banco de Bosques para el Manejo y la Conservación de los Recursos Naturales (BdeB) provides technical assistance to indigenous communities near Iguazu Falls to develop community-based ecotourism initiatives that generate income.

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Asociación de Pescadores del Chaco (ASOPECHA) is a fishers association that promotes fisheries conservation along the Paraguay River and its tributaries and helps create income generating opportunities for its members.

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Caxi Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral (Caxi) provides technical assistance to these farmers to improve organic farming and to develop economic initiatives like jam, jelly and tomato paste processing to generate income.

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