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Asociación de Artesanos del Campo (Artecampo) is a grassroots women’s association that will strengthen its administrative, management, marketing and production capacity in order to become more self-sufficient through sales of its art and artisan crafts.

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Centro de Investigaciones de Energia y Población (CIEP) works to expand the tourism circuit and enables rural artisans, farmers, students and other residents to work as guides and to offer food, crafts and services to increase their income.

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Asociación de Artesanos Andinos (AAA) prioritizes the revival of Andean weaving traditions and facilitates community tourism and marketing opportunities for their products.

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Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija (PROMETA) provides technical assistance to camelid herders to improve the sustainable production and marketing of their livestock and to develop skills in natural resource management and forage crop production.

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Asociación de Mujeres Aymaras Lecheras de Irpa Chico (AMALIC) works to improve the quality and quantity of its members milk production and develop a diverse array of dairy products for local and regional markets.

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