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Instituto Comradio do Brasil (COMRADIO), empowers blind and visually impaired women in Piauí through vocational training, preparing them to access a variety of income-generating opportunities.

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Caritas Brasileira Regional do Maranhão (CBMA) works to strengthen a grassroots network that connects rural and urban agricultural producers to create new markets for traditional crops.

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Associação Movimento Mecenas da Vida (MMV) works with small farmers to organize a participatory organic agricultural certification, establish new markets, and conserve natural resources.

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Associação Comunitária do Sítio Lagoa da Coroa (ACSLC-AL) supports women’s participation and provides them with technical assistance to develop new skills in fruit dehydration.

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Associação Quilombola do Povoado Patioba (AQUIPP) provides a series of workshops for young people to strengthen their Afro-Brazilian cultural identity and develop leadership and employable skills.

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2017-Rede Bartô

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Associação Rede Rio São Bartolomeu de Mútua Cooperação (Rede Bartô) works with young people in rural community associations in the Federal District to improve the production, processing, and marketing of vegetables, fruits, and small animals and to contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

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