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Centro de Educação e Organização Popular (CEOP) works with farmers of rural communities -- especially women and young people -- to diversify crop production and develop sustainable agroecological techniques to manage their plots and improve soil fertility.

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Comissão Pastoral da Terra do Rio Grande do Norte (CPT-RN) collaborates with community associations to introduce low-cost farming infrastructure for areas with limited water resources.

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Associação para Desenvolvimento Local Co-produzido (ADELCO) provides technical assistance to communities in the state of Ceará to develop cultural tourism as a revenue stream and to improve sanitation, infrastructure and community health.

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Comunidade Organizada para Preservação e Recuperação do Meio Ambiente (COPEMA) develops a network of community gardens on uncultivated public- and privately owned land that supports community nutrition and health and generates income for unemployed women.

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Centro de Agricultura Alternativa do Norte de Minas (CAANM) provides farmers with technical assistance to improve agroecological practices, identify new markets and develop a participatory certification system for organic products.

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Cooperativa de Produtores Orgânicos e Biodinâmicos da Chapada Diamantina (COOPERBIO) works with member-farmers to improve production, processing and marketing methods and increase crop diversity with local fruit trees.

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Centro de Capacitação Zumbi dos Palmares (CCZP) supports subsistence honey production, processing and marketing as a viable source of financial independence for families.

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Centro de Educação Popular (CENEP) works with communities to expand on practices that effectively apply medicinal plants to healthcare and conservation efforts.

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Cooperativa de Trabalho, Prestação de Serviços, Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural (COOPTER) works to establish cooperation agreements to facilitate lake fishing, develop resource management plans for pirarucu (arapaima gigas) stocks and improve processing methods and income-generation opportunities.

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Alternativas para Pequena Agricultura no Tocantins (APA-TO) develops and applies new technologies that allow communities to generate income and food supply through agroforestry, water conservation and honey production, and to address environmental degradation.

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