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Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular (CINEP), supports grassroots organizations’ participation in peacebuilding by promoting peer-to-peer learning, strengthening the community of practice “Sistema de Iniciativas de Paz,” and training local organizations in adopting approaches to learning that can further improve their programming. 

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Cooperativa Multiactiva Agropecuaria Regional San Roque Oporapa (Cooagrosanroque), protects the region’s key water resources by deepening environmental awareness among children and young people from Serranía de las Minas, providing farmers with technical assistance on sustainable agricultural practices and strengthening local organizations’ capacity to address environmental challenges.

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Fundación Ambiental DapaViva (DapaViva), promotes sustainable ecosystems and livelihoods in four communities of Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, by engaging schools, residents, local businesses, community organizations, and the municipal conservation authorities in conserving their environment through applied education, eco-tourism, and strengthened monitoring systems.  

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Asociación Para Las Investigaciones Culturales Del Chocó (ASINCH), is drawing on the Chocó’s rich cultural heritage to rebuild the region’s social fabric by providing safe spaces for community members to work through the traumas of exclusion and conflict through music, arts, and dance.

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Asociación De Productores Del Medio Atrato (ASPRODEMA), strengthens four value chains that are vital to farming communities along Colombia's Pacific coast: rice, peach palm, plantain, and sugar cane.

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2019-Vamos Mujeres

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Asociación Vamos Mujeres de San Francisco de Ichó (Vamos Mujeres), is working with the local community council in the Chocó department to lead a community-based tourism initiative that will simultaneously generate income and protect the environment.

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2019 – Andares

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Corporación Andares Ida y Vuelta (Andares), working closely with the Asociación Campesina Agroecológica del Oriente del Tolima, provides training and technical assistance to help farming families benefit from the production and marketing of cacao, bananas, and other products with promising markets.

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Fundación Mujer y Futuro (FMF) is partnering with Corporación Buen Ambiente (Corambiente) to educate grassroots women leaders about the links between women’s well-being, the environment and a culture of peace.

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