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Fundación Mujer y Futuro (FMF) is partnering with Corporación Buen Ambiente (Corambiente) to educate grassroots women leaders about the links between women’s well-being, the environment and a culture of peace.

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2018 – Cosurca

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Empresa Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (Cosurca) is completing three community museums, a documentation center and interactive exhibits that make visible the history of the conflict in Colombia and the coping strategies carried out by communities in the department of Cauca.

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2018 – Asproinca

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The Asociación de Productores Indígenas y Campesinos de Riosucio Caldas (Asproinca) improves the members’ livelihoods of its members by improving coffee production, and promoting agricultural diversification and small-enterprise development.

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2018 – UTCE

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Unión Temporal Construyendo Esperanza (UTCE) works with grassroots women’s organizations of indigenous Zenú, Afro-descendants, campesinas and other victims of violence to strengthen the family economy, to reinforce cultural identity, and to promote public policies benefitting women.

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2018 – Corambiente

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Corporación Buen Ambiente (Corambiente) is working with more than 80 organizations to create a national alliance of smallholder producers and consumers strengthening the production, marketing and consumption of environmentally friendly foods.

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2018 – Semillas

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Corporación Grupo Semillas (Semillas) is working with 15 grassroots organizations to implement sustainable agricultural practices, defend their rights to land and water and use communications tools such as community radio to increase the visibility of grassroots resilience and peace-building strategies

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Fundación Desarrollo y Paz (Fundepaz) supports three victims’ grassroots organizations in Nariño department to contribute to building peace in their territories by increasing their capacity to monitor the implementation of the Colombian peace accords, strengthen a regional advocacy center, and contribute to the historical memory of Colombia’s conflict.

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2018 – Prodesal

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Corporación Taller Prodesal (Prodesal) is working with young people ages 14 to 28, members of more than 150 civil society organizations in the Caribbean region, to consolidate their agenda for peace.

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