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La Asociación de Cacaocultores Los Innovadores de Vuelta Larga (ASOCAIVUL), is training cacao farmers in agroforestry and organic production, establishing a nursery to grow seedlings for its members, and working with farmers to increase production by adopting more resilient crops. 

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Cooperativa de Productores Orgánicos Valle de Río Limpio (COOPROVALLE) helps its members improve certified organic coffee production by renovating fields with rust resistant plants and by utilizing agroforestry techniques in order to generate income, improve livelihoods and protect the environment.

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2018 – Acción Callejera

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Acción Callejera – Fundación Educativa (Acción Callejera) provides supplemental academic classes and skills training for children and adolescents from poor neighborhoods in Santiago, Dominican Republic, including Haitian-born or Haitian Dominican street children and adolescents.

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Cooperativa de Ahorro, Crédito y Servicios Múltiples Amor y Paz (COOPSERMORPAZ) helps its members improve production and marketing of plantains and make their business enterprise more sustainable in order to generate income and improve livelihoods.

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2013-San Rafael

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Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples San Rafael, Inc. (Cooperativa San Rafael) provides technical assistance to Peralta farmers to develop skills in organic practices and to improve the quality of their processed coffee so they can access niche markets.

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