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Cooperativa Integral de Ahorro y Crédito Cultura Comunitaria Responsabilidad Limitada (COCULTURA) enables local artists to access capital to grow or launch their small businesses.

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Organización No Gubernamental NA’LEB’AK ONG (NALEBAK) provides opportunities to indigenous people, especially women and young people, to increase their participation in civil society and contribute to community development and local governance.

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2018 – ARG

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Asociación de Retornados Guatemaltecos (ARG) works to re-integrate returnees back into Guatemalan society by connecting them with potential employers, vocational training opportunities, government services and to a network of returnees who have built new lives for themselves in Guatemala.

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Asociación Lambda (Lambda) works to improve the livelihoods of this marginalized group by providing technical assistance to community groups on management, governance, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

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Asociación de Desarrollo Comunitario (QANIL) promotes social and economic inclusion by providing young people with access to educational, economic and leadership opportunities as well as technical assistance to develop skills in governance, income-generation and negotiation techniques.

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Asociación Seres (SERES) runs a scholarship program that allows young local leaders to attend high school, vocational training school or university.

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2017 – ADESJU

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Asociación Para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Juventud (ADESJU) manages a leadership program for 1,500 youth across several departments of Guatemala and El Salvador that provides youth with life skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership, dependability, and public speaking.

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Asociación de Forestería Comunitaria de Guatemala Ut'z Che' (UTZCHE) encourages sustainable farming practices and natural resource management and works to strengthen the technical capacities of its member community organizations.

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Asociación de Dirigentes Comunitarios (ASDIC) works to scale up its agricultural enterprise by improving marketability of its mushrooms, peas and sweet peas with official safety and quality certifications.

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