2017 – ADESJU

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Asociación Para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Juventud (ADESJU) manages a leadership program for 1,500 youth across several departments of Guatemala and El Salvador that provides youth with life skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership, dependability, and public speaking.

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2018 – ADESI

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Asociación de Desarrollo Social de Ixcán (ADESI) works with rural communities in the region to provide training on improved agricultural production techniques, enterprise development and marketing.

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Fundación para el Desarrollo y Fortalecimiento de las Organizaciones de Base (FUNDEBASE) provides training and support to 25 rural women’s groups on how to engage effectively with their local governments and create income-generating opportunities.

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2018 – ASOKAPE

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Asociación Civil de Pequeños y Medianos Agricultores del Kape (ASOKAPE) provides members with training and networking opportunities that help increase production and improve leadership and marketing skills.

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Cooperativa Integral de Ahorro y Crédito Cultura Comunitaria Responsabilidad Limitada (COCULTURA) enables local artists to access capital to grow or launch their small businesses.

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Organización No Gubernamental NA’LEB’AK ONG (NALEBAK) provides opportunities to indigenous people, especially women and young people, to increase their participation in civil society and contribute to community development and local governance.

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2018 – ARG

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Asociación de Retornados Guatemaltecos (ARG) works to re-integrate returnees back into Guatemalan society by connecting them with potential employers, vocational training opportunities, government services and to a network of returnees who have built new lives for themselves in Guatemala.

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2018 – ASORECH

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Asociación Regional Campesina Ch’ortí (ASORECH) coordinates with families throughout the region to provide them with training on improved agricultural techniques, native seed banks, medicinal plants and small animal husbandry.

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By |2018-08-13T14:12:03-04:00August 3, 2018|

Asociación Sobrevivencia Cultural (ASC) provides opportunities to indigenous people, especially women and young people, to highlight, encourage and communicate the contribution of women to the development of their communities.

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By |2018-08-13T14:09:17-04:00August 3, 2018|

Sociedad Civil de Nombre Organización, Manejo y Conservación (OMYC) works to create opportunities for the residents of the community of Uaxactún by promoting income generation, strengthening governance, and enhancing peace and security.

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