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Fondasyon Limyè Lavi (FLL) strengthens the capacity of community-based groups to meet economic challenges by assisting them to manage livestock and microcredit activities, advocate for children’s rights and protect the environment.

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Organisation pour le Développement Pâques Oranger de Léogâne (ODEPOL) organizes smallholder farmers and provides technical assistance to improve yam and potato production, increase income and establish individual and community gardens.

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The Haiti Development Institute (HDI) provides coaching and organizational strengthening to CBOs to increase their impact.

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Kouraj Pou Pwoteje Dwa Moun (Kouraj) provides marginalized groups with training in small business development and working capital to facilitate entrepreneurship.

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2017-Fanm Deside

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Fanm Deside supports grassroots women’s groups to raise awareness on human rights and gender equality and increase the capacity and skills of residents (both men and women) and local leaders to develop community-based responses to violence.

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Groupe d'Appui au Développement du Sud (GADES) provides technical assistance to participants of women’s grassroots organizations to develop skills in income generation and gender equality and provides legal counseling and medical assistance to those affected by violence.

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