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Fundación Fe y Alegría Honduras supports community organizations and bilingual school development of five Garifuna communities in the municipality of Tela, strengthening cultural, civic and educational dimensions of the communities’ experience.

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The Fundación Agencia de Desarrollo Económico Departamental de Valle (ADED VALLE) trains and provides financial capital to small businesses and farmers’ associations to improve production and insertion into value chains.

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2018 – CECRI

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The Central de Cajas Rurales de Intibucá (CECRI) provides loans to its members and training to collectively market and sell their agricultural produce, thereby reducing economic pressure to migrate. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to expand economic opportunity in Honduras.

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2018 – AHJASA

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To increase water access and quality for rural families in Honduras, the Asociación Hondureña de Juntas Administradoras de Sistemas de Agua (AHJASA) will train and certify 100 water technicians to provide technical assistance to approximately 300 community-based water system organizations.

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2018-ESMAG-El Pino

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Empresa de Servicios Múltiples Artesanos y Guías de El Pino (ESMAG - El Pino) works with children, young people and adults to promote leadership and entrepreneurship skills and build environmental awareness.

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Asociación Red de Desarrollo Sostenible-Honduras (RDS-HN) partners with community radios to provide educational and hands-on learning to improve the availability and use of nutritious traditional foods.

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Fundación en Acción Comunitaria de Honduras (FUNACH) works with families to establish agroforestry systems that increase sustainable production of coffee and grains, boost household incomes, enhance access to nutritional foods and protect the local water supply.

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Asociación del Trifinio para el Desarollo Sostenible (ATRIDEST) works with farmers using field schools to apply sustainable production strategies and with local community savings and loan organizations to improve collective marketing and access to credit.

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