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Fundación para el Etnodesarrollo de los Llanos Orientales de Colombia (Etnollano) hosts workshops, meets with local officials and produces educational audiovisual materials and publications to increase awareness of practices to preserve indigenous territories.

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Red + Posithiva de Quintana Roo A.C. (Redposithiva) raises awareness of the rights of this community, develops educational materials and provides technical assistance to young leaders to reduce those barriers.

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Fundación Ambiental Dapaviva (Dapaviva) provides educational activities about conservation to local school children, residents, businesses and public institutions and works with a group of young Colombians who become park rangers.

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Batsil Antsetik, A.C. works to improve group production and sale of textiles, craft production skills and self-esteem among women and fosters cultural pride in weaving through workshops and exchanges.

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Asociación Sobrevivencia Cultural (ASC) promotes best practices to run community-based media outlets and combines best practices to develop a regional strategic plan that strengthens the Central American community-based media movement.

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Fundación Mujer y Futuro (FMF) provides leaders with opportunities to engage in exchanges and develop skills that promote a culture of peace and gender equality.

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Corporación Socio-Ecológica para el Futuro de Bolivar (ECOFUTURO) creates spaces for women living in the rural municipality of Bolivar to share their stories of conflict, reaffirm their own value as peace builders, recognize and strengthen their contributions to the rural economy, learn about their rights and obligations and avail themselves of public programs created for their benefit.

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2017-Hijos de la Sierra Flor

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Fundación Hijos de la Sierra Flor promotes recovery from trauma, reconciliation and ancestral peace-building practices with indigenous, campesina and Afro-Colombian women’s groups.

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Fundacion Natura (Natura) works with members of five regional organizations to create a development and peace strategy and to increase awareness of sustainable practices through workshops and meetings with local officials and through audiovisual materials and publications.

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