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Organización Paraguaya de Conservación y Desarrollo Sustentable (OPADES), offers environmental education, leadership, and entrepreneurship training opportunities to youth in the Yvytyruzú reserve to bolster environmental stewardship and improve livelihoods.

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By |2018-12-05T09:02:09-04:00October 27, 2018|

Organización Campesina Regional de Concepción (OCRC) provides technical assistance to smallholder organic farmers and job and leadership training to young people and women.

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By |2018-06-21T22:40:12-04:00September 14, 2017|

Asociación Sombra de Árbol (ASdeA) promotes the cultural heritage of indigenous and creole communities and facilitates their participation in civil society.

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2017-PY Orgánico

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Asociación Paraguay Orgánico (PY Orgánico) trains a network of small farmers in sustainable organic agriculture techniques and facilitates channels for these farmers to sell their organic products.

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By |2018-06-21T22:37:05-04:00June 29, 2017|

Entidad Socio Cultural Alo Paraguaiete (ESCAP) trains family farmers in organic agricultural techniques, beekeeping and animal husbandry to improve food security and income, and works to strengthen the capacity of a regional alliance of organizations to advocate for community development.

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Tierra Nueva Asociación Civil (TN) provides technical assistance to women in organic gardening to improve production for consumption and sales, and helps them access inexpensive biodigesters that generate organic fertilizer and biofuel for family use.

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2015-Tierra Libre-ISA

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Tierra Libre-Instituto Social y Ambiental (Tierra Libre-ISA) provide technical assistance to these marginalized communities to learn about their human rights, advocate for their needs, and implement strategies to manage their natural resources for resiliency.

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2014-Alter Vida

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Alter Vida works with Cooperativa Ciervo Cuá to improve dairy farming, enhance their price negotiation skills, and make their business enterprise more sustainable.

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2013-Ciervo Cuá

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Cooperativa Ciervo Cuá (Ciervo Cuá) is a small dairy cooperative that works with Alter Vida to improve dairy production and gain business management skills in order to increase its members’ income.

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