2018 – Centro Moyano

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Centro de Promoción de la Equidad “María Elena Moyano” helps small-scale producers from six organizations increase family incomes, diversify and add value to their products and protect the environment by cultivating agroforestry systems focused on native rubber species and associated crops.

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The Asociación Peruana de Productores de Cacao (APPCACAO) is helping small-scale producers, members of three cooperatives, to raise their income and quality of life by improving their production of fine flavor cacao and strengthening their management and governance practices to ensure greater participation of women and youth.

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2017-Cáritas Cusco

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Cáritas Arquidiocesana del Cusco (Cáritas Cusco) promotes social and economic inclusion and works to increase food supply and family incomes through improved production and sale of vegetables and guinea pigs.

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Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR) helps workers establish a support network, reinforces their knowledge about their rights and obligations, and strengthens their vocational, interpersonal and negotiation skills to find better-paying jobs.

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Prodiálogo, Prevención y Resolución de Conflictos (ProDiálogo) engages young people in the use of urban art, dialogue and collaboration as strategies to prevent violence.

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Cooperativa de Producción y Servicios Especiales de los Productores de Camélidos Andinos (COOPECAN) provides technical assistance to improve herds and increase the quality and quantity of wool fiber while providing training in leadership skills to cooperative members.

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