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Project Description

Rural indigenous communities in Honduras face food insecurity, extreme poverty and nutritional levels low enough to cause high rates of childhood stunting. Asociación Red de Desarrollo Sostenible-Honduras (RDS-HN) partners with community radios to provide educational and hands-on learning to improve the availability and use of nutritious traditional foods. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to unlock private, public and community resources for grassroots development in Honduras. RDS-HN’s activities promote alternatives to migration by strengthening agricultural resilience and sustainability. This grant is part of a broader IAF initiative focused on supporting economic prosperity, democracy, governance, and alternatives to migration, consistent with the U.S. Strategy for Engagement in Central America.

Asociación Red de Desarrollo Sostenible-Honduras
Project:Location:Years active:IAF grant funding:Counterpart commitment:Direct beneficiaries:Indirect beneficiaries:Program areas:
Strengthening food and nutritional security in Honduras’ rural communitiesHonduras2018 – 2019$249,180$193,5401,230 individuals15,000 individualsagriculture and food security

Talk about community-led development!

Talk about community-led development!