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Project Description

At-risk young people in rural municipalities in the Matagalpa department face challenges such as unemployment that impedes becoming productive members of their communities. Asociación Centro Jurídico Popular (CJP) encourages young people to launch or strengthen small businesses and provides technical and financial assistance for them to develop skills in citizenship, conflict resolution, communication and advocacy. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to strengthen governance in Nicaragua. CJP’s activities strengthen excluded communities so they can improve their living conditions and participate equally in a nation’s political, economic and social life.

Asociación Centro Jurídico Popular
Project: Location: Years active: IAF grant funding: Counterpart commitment: Direct beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries: Program areas:
Rural Youth Building a Culture of Peace Nicaragua 2016 – 2020 $226,430 $238,800 915 individuals 3,120 individuals job skills and enterprise development
legal assistance

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