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Project Description

In peripheral areas of metropolitan Lima, female domestic workers struggle with poor working conditions and low income. Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR) helps workers establish a support network, reinforces their knowledge about their rights and obligations, and strengthens their vocational, interpersonal and negotiation skills to find better-paying jobs. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to expand economic opportunity in Peru. AGTR’s activities strengthen communities through education and training and build peer-to-peer learning and action networks.

Project Amendments

This amendment provides AGTR with an additional $73,000 to promote the social and economic inclusion of displaced Venezuelans in metropolitan Lima. AGTR offers career training and guidance to those seeking employment and provides psychological support services to Venezuelan children. As part of the amendment, AGTR is mobilizing an additional $58,018 in counterpart resources to support these efforts.

This amendment is part of the IAF’s commitment to support displaced Venezuelans and communities impacted by the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.

Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes*
Project: Location: Years active: IAF grant funding: Counterpart commitment: Direct beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries: Program areas:
Empowering domestic workers: decent work, recognition of rights and social and political advocacy against their marginalization Peru 2017 – 2020 $313,600 $261,878 7,700 individuals 54,375 individuals leadership

*includes amendment data

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