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Project Description

Residents in the Gran Chaco face displacement and environmental degradation due to one of the world’s highest rates of deforestation. Cooperativa de Trabajo COOPSOL Ltda. (COOPSOL) demonstrates that certified organic honey production can generate income for these communities and protect their natural resources, working with beekeepers from Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay to launch a regional network to share good practices and collaborate. At the IAF, we support community-led solutions to expand economic opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean. COOPSOL’s activities promote smallholder agriculture and food production to ensure meaningful opportunities for communities to thrive.

Cooperativa de Trabajo COOPSOL Ltda.
Project: Location: Years active: IAF grant funding: Counterpart commitment: Direct beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries: Program areas:
Developing Niche Markets for Latin American Organic Honey Argentina 2016 – 2019 $309,050 $894,840 500 individuals 1,000 individuals agriculture and food security
leadership and education
job skills and enterprise development
natural resource management

Talk about community-led development!

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