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Investing in community-led development works

Our holistic approach to sustainable development promotes and invests in citizen-led grassroots initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean to help communities realize opportunities and solve their own problems.

Grassroots Development

Learn about grassroots development

When we involve community leaders in the design and implementation of development, their projects yield long-term, sustainable results.

What Matters

What matters in community-led development

Each project we fund addresses multiple development challenges in the region. We focus our efforts on strategic areas such as job skills, inclusion, alternatives to migration and food security.

Results and Publications

Results and Publications

We deliver real results in both individuals and organizations looking to build the capacity to sustain their own efforts.

Stories of impact

Explore news and stories of our work with community partners in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Seismic Grassroots Change: Community Foundations Lead Earthquake Recovery2018-09-19T19:49:30+00:00
Two rows of people face each other and join hands in the middle.
Indigenous Women Find Their Voice2018-07-18T16:16:54+00:00
Six women on the floor, four lying on their stomachs and two sitting, in a circle working together with pens and paper
Chew on this: Smallholder Organic Agriculture May Actually Solve the Global Food Problem2018-07-18T08:34:38+00:00
stacks of broccoli, corn, cabbage and carrots
The Lovely World of Cacao and Chocolate in Ecuador2018-07-18T08:33:22+00:00
someone holding a cocoa pod open to show the inside

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