Grassroots Development Fellows 2017

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The Inter-American Foundation has awarded Grassroots Development Fellowships to 15 Ph.D. candidates from universities in the United States. These fellows will conduct dissertation research in Latin America during 2017 to 2018. The fellows were selected on the strength of their academic record, their proposals and their potential contribution to grassroots development. All fellows are U.S. citizens except as noted. They will research the following topics:

Diana Denham, Portland State University: Indigenous markets in Mexico's "Supermarket Revolution"

Dayuma Alban (Ecuador), University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Gender dynamics and oil extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Claudia Baudoin Farah (Bolivia), University of Florida: Indigenous autonomies and natural resource governance in the Isiboro Sécure Indigenous Territory and National Park (TIPNIS) — Bolivia

Amelia Frank-Vitale, University of Michigan: Saber vivir: Deportation, migration, and "knowing how to live" in Honduras

Flavia de Oliveira (Brazil), University of California Santa Cruz: Resilience legacies in traditional institutional arrangements underlying forest conservation in Southern Brazil

Amarilys Estrella, New York University: Translating Blackness; Grassroots human rights activism against racism in the Dominican Republic

Fernando Galeana Rodriguez, Cornell University: Precarious rights recognition, empowerment, and abandonment in the Honduran Mosquitia

Jessica Gilbert, Texas A&M University: Community governance of livestock grazing resources in the Huascaran National Biosphere, Peru.

Maria Gonzalez Malabet, University of South Florida: The progressive transformation of Medellín-Colombia: A successful case of women's political agency

Fredy Grefa Andi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Powers of memory and perceptions on Napo Runa’s value on nature and its implications on payment for ecosystem services — The socio bosque in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon.

Jose Hasemann, University of Connecticut: Mosquitoes, place, and self: local responses to prevention programs for the mosquito vectors that transmit zika, dengue, and chikungunya in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Brownsville, Texas

Diana Hoyos Gomez (Colombia), University of Pittsburgh: Campesino communities and the state: reshaping relationships in the context of transition to "post-conflict" in Montes de Maria, Colombia

Scott Odell, Clark University: Bridge over troubled water: Assessing hydrosocial relations among communities, mining companies, and policymakers in Chile

Christopher Parisano, City University of New York: Between Waste and Huacas: The formalization of recycler associations and cultural patrimony in Lima, Peru

Hector Ruiz (Colombia), University of Pittsburgh: Risky fatherhood: HIV-positive heterosexual men, machismo, and new masculinities in Colombia

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