Grassroots Development Fellows 2016

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Grassroots Development Fellows 2016


The Inter-American Foundation is pleased to announce its Grassroots Fellowship awards for 16 Ph.D. candidates from U.S. universities who will conduct dissertation research in Latin America during 2016-2017. The Fellows were selected on the strength of their academic record, their proposals and their potential contribution to grassroots development.

These men and women, all U.S. citizens except as noted, will focus their research on the following topics:

  • Valentina Abufhele Milad, (Chile), The New School, New York: Poverty and the persistence of informal settlements in Chile's democracy 1990 - 2015
  • Maria Baiocchi, (Argentina, Italy), University of Pittsburgh: labor laws and domestic workers' empowerment in Argentina
  • Martha Balaguera Cuervo, (Colombia), University of Massachusetts: Citizenship in transit, and the perils and promises of crossing Mexico from Central America
  • Katherine Brownson, University of Georgia: Socioecological impacts of payment for ecosystem services programs in the Bellbird Biological Corridor, Costa Rica
  • Isabella Chan, University of South Florida: Ethnographic exploration of intimate partner violence among indigenous women in the rural Peruvian Andes
  • Juan Delgado, University of California: Ethno-racial  categories  of afro descendent populations in Mexico
  • Anthony Dest, University of Texas: Politics and conditions of interethnic solidarity in Colombia
  • Sarah Kelly-Richards, University of Arizona: Ethnographic and legal study of hydropower governance in Chile
  • Frances Kvietok, University of Pennsylvania: Youth, language policy and Quechua maintenance in the urban Peruvian Andes
  • Oscar Pedraza Vargas, (Colombia), City University of New York: Investigation of human rights violations associated with mining (Colombia, Costa Rica)
  • Daniel Perera, (Guatemala), University of Texas: Examination of the shift of international development aid from the grassroots to corporate social responsibility sector in Guatemala
  • Laura Sauls, Clark University: Regional coalitions, natural resource governance, and the quest for grassroots development alternatives in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua
  • Angela Tapia Arce, (Peru), University of Texas: How women affirm their identity, exert sexual agency and reject foreign norms of feminine beauty in Peru and Bolivia
  • Fiorella Vera Adrianzen, University of New Mexico: Examining the political, social and economic implications of the implementation of reparations for victims of Peru’s civil conflict (1980-2000)
  • Julie Weaver, Harvard University: Explaining citizen engagement in local-level political accountability in Peru
  • Dustin Welch, University of Washington: Comparative case studies on rural energy governance and access to energy in Peru


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