Fundación Hijos de la Sierra Flor

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Public Statement 2016

Title Braiding peace networks for development
Type of organization Community organization
Country Colombia
Duration  One year
IAF Funding   $40,881
Counterpart Committed $9,079
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries
Direct: 195
Indirect: 1,500
Primary program areas Education/training, Cultural Expression

Hijos de la Sierra Flor is a nongovernmental organization that carries out educational and cultural development programs in impoverished and marginalized sectors of Sucre, Colombia. Hijos de la Sierra Flor began work in 1980 and was legally registered on January 10, 1984. A general assembly of 11 members governs Hijos de la Sierra Flor, electing a board of four directors every four years. The organization has approximately 40 permanent staff including those dedicated to delivering services for the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar. It is divided into three programmatic areas: Education, Culture and Development. Fundación Hijos de la Sierra Flor has received prior funding from the IAF, Corporación para el Desarrollo de las Microempresas, Corpomixta, the Ministry of Culture, Fundación Restrepo Barco, Corporación CONSORCIO, Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar ICBF and ARGOS.

Project Description
Hijos de la Sierra Flor will work with indigenous and Afro-Colombian women’s groups in five municipalities of the Department of Sucre to create spaces for dialogue, exchanges and recreation in order to promote reconciliation, offer tools and methodologies for community peace-building initiatives and to recognize ancestral practices for conflict resolution and rebuilding trust. The project will benefit 195 women, members of grassroots organizations, directly, and will indirectly benefit 1,500 additional family members and residents of the five municipalities.

Rationale for Funding
Grassroots organizations and nongovernmental organizations have an important role in building peace in Colombia. As Colombians begin to imagine a future without conflict, these organizations and their members must have their voices and proposals heard. To do this, they must have tools and spaces for learning and sharing, in this way building trust and relationships of mutual support among each other and with other actors in the country.

Learning Opportunity
This grant adds to a cohort of projects that support peace-building efforts at the grassroots level. The grant will give IAF the opportunity to learn about how building trust and relationships of mutual support between grantee partners and other actors in the country can be a first step towards national reconciliation. These grants will also help the IAF to learn how to more effectively respond at scale to challenging opportunities such as the peace process in Colombia..