Transparencia por Colombia

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Public Statement 2016

Title Citizens building peace through social control
Type of organization Non-governmental organization
Country Colombia
Duration  One year
IAF Funding   $50,000
Counterpart Committed $12,483
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries
Direct: 80
Primary program areas Education/training

Transparencia por Colombia (Transparencia) is an autonomous Chapter of Transparency International, a nongovernmental organization with affiliates in 90 countries and a leader in the fight against corruption. The Colombian chapter, incorporated in 1998, works (1) to encourage civil society oversight of government; (2) to involve the private sector in the fight against corruption and promote integrity in business; and, (3) to build an ethical culture within state institutions. Currently, Transparencia has 35 members and three sponsors, including individuals, universities, foundations and businesses. Among its successes, the Colombia Transparencia chapter created a program for the funding and support of grassroots organizations that monitor the use of government investments in their communities. In recent years this experience has been shared with other Transparencia chapters and this way advocating for the important role that communities have in the fight against corruption.

Project Description
Transparencia will convene grassroots organizations and local authorities in three municipalities in the department of Chocó to assess local communities’ capacity to monitor activities of municipal and departmental development plans. Transparencia will carry out workshops and community meetings, and produce and disseminate a user-friendly tool for strengthening communities’ oversight capacity. The project will directly benefit 80 persons and indirectly reach another 100 residents of the Chocó.

Rationale for Funding
Grassroots organizations and nongovernmental organizations have an important role in building peace in Colombia. As Colombians begin to imagine a future without conflict, these organizations and their members must have their voices and proposals heard. To do this, they must have tools and spaces for learning and sharing, in this way building trust and relationships of mutual support among each other and with other actors in the country.

Learning Opportunity
This grant adds to a cohort of projects that support peace-building efforts at the grassroots level. The grant will give IAF the opportunity to learn about how building trust and relationships of mutual support between grantee partners and other actors in the country can be a first step towards national reconciliation. These grants will also help the IAF to learn how to more effectively respond at scale to challenging opportunities such as the peace process in Colombia.