Réseau d'Encadrement des Groupes et Associations pour le Renforcement de la Démocratie (REGARD)

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Public Statement 2016

Advocating for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities in the Nippes Department
Type of organization Community association
Country Haiti 
Duration  18 months
IAF funding   $50,000
Counterpart committed $2,300 in cash; $15,830 in kind 
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries

Direct: 300
Indirect: 6,000

Primary program area Education/training

REGARD, a network of associations dedicated to the exercise of human rights and the development of civil society, operates in eight townships of the Nippes Department, located on Haiti’s southern peninsula. It is structured around an eight-member committee that includes Haitians with disabilities, which is elected by the members and is led by a coordinator. REGARD has brought visibility as well as education and training to a sector that would otherwise depend on charity. Donors include Fondation de France, Kòdinasyon Oganizasyon Rejyon Nip [Coordination des Organisations de la Région de Nippes] (KORENIP) and Fondation Miragoanaise d’Aide aux Enfants Défavorisés (FOAMED).

Development Objective
To improve the quality of life of Haitians with disabilities.  

Project Description
Réseau d'Encadrement des Groupes et Associations pour le Renforcement de la Démocratie (REGARD) will encourage the social inclusion and the civic participation of Haitians with physical disabilities, one of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in Haitian society, by raising awareness of the potential and the rights of these citizens, enabling them to obtain identification cards and mobilizing them to vote. The work will benefit 20 grassroots organizations and 300 Haitians in the Nippes Department. Another 6,000 residents of the Nippes Department will benefit indirectly.   

Rationale for Funding
The IAF last funded an organization focused on Haitians with disabilities 19 years ago. Since then their numbers have increased, primarily due to the 2010 earthquake. This grantee’s important work on their behalf includes equipping them with identification cards, the prerequisite to opening a bank account; obtaining a passport, a marriage certificate and employment; and exercising the right to vote, the most basic element of participation in civic life.