Finca Triunfo Verde, Sociedad Civil (FTV)

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Public Statement 2013

Title Developing the quality of speciality coffee as a strategy to improve competitiveness and sustainability of a co-op in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas
Type of organization Cooperative
Country Mexico
Duration  2 years 
IAF funding   $143,565
Counterpart committed $428,455
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries
Direct: 447
Indirect: 2,235
Primary program area Agriculture/food production & Environment

Organizational background:
Finca Triunfo Verde, Sociedad Civil (FTV) is an organization of 447 coffee farmers spread across 29 communities in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas. It was created and legally constituted as a cooperative in 2000 by highly marginalized and isolated farmers living in one of the largest and most biodiverse cloud forests in the world. The farmers’ main source of income is 9,000 quintales of coffee cultivated on 1,548 hectares and certified as organic and fair trade. FTV’s international clientele includes Sustainable Harvest, Café Imports and Equal Exchange in the United States; NJ Doue in Canada; and Malongo in France. Through their cooperative, FTV members benefit from credit, health insurance and opportunities to improve production and their quality of life. In 2002, FTV satisfied the requirements for organic certification and in 2005 met the standards for fair-trade certification. 

Project objective:
To improve the standard of living of coffee farmers in buffer zone of the El Triunfo Reserve in Chiapas.

FTV, a cooperative located in a buffer zone of the El Triunfo Reserve, plans to improve the quality of its coffee certified as fair-trade and organic and increase sales by investing in equipment, infrastructure, training in quality control, and technical assistance for farmers. The project should improve the income of 447 farmers, thereby benefiting 2,235 family members as well.

Rationale for Funding:
FTV is ready to add value to its production by improving the quality of coffee that already meets the standards for certification as fair-trade and organic. 

Learning Objective:
This project will offer insight into how farmers control the quality of their crop through all stages of the production chain, into the price differential for quality and into the effect of cupping expertise.