Desarrollo Autogestionario, A.C. (AUGE)

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Public Statement 2014

Title Youth Sowing their Future
Type of organization Nongovernmental Organization
Country Mexico
Duration  Three years
IAF funding   $250,425
Counterpart committed $709,385
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries
Direct: 300 young people between the ages of 14 and 22
Indirect: 1,200 parents and other family members
Primary program area Education/training

Organizational background: Desarrollo Autogestionario, A.C. (AUGE), was legally constituted in 1996. Its mission is to promote the formation of youth associations and encourage them to engage in their rural communities by addressing issues related to discrimination, the environment, technology, labor, health, education and culture. AUGE is governed by an assembly of its members, which appoints a board of four directors responsible for determining policy and hiring a director to oversee a staff of seven. Through its staff and its network of 14 organizers, AUGE has had a consistent presence in the 40 communities that it has served for the last 25 years.

AUGE emerged from the work of former IAF grantee Fomento Cultural y Educativo, A.C. Its first undertaking was the further development of (1) a radio station (Radio Tocelo) founded by residents of Tocelo and (2) a network of organizations of coffee producers, Red de Organizaciones Cafetaleras. AUGE’s successes include the formation of savings groups serving 2700 women and children, whose deposits total $115,000, as well as progress toward eradicating child labor and toward improving young people’s awareness of their rights and communication of their needs. AUGE also works to ease the transition from school to work and to encourage environmental responsibility, civic engagement and alternative communication via radio, video and social media. It has supported activities related to health and employment. Young people are included in all of AUGE’s work. For example, “La Enzalada,” community radio program managed by and for young people, received an international award from UNICEF recognizing the excellence of its journalism focused on discrimination against children carrying the HIV virus. AUGE has received support from the Mexican government’s National Institute for Social Development and National Institute for Women. International donors include the Global Fund for Children, Coffee Kids, the United Nations Development Program and the International Labor Organization.

Project objective: To work with adolescents and young adults from six municipalities in Veracruz toward developing job skills and employment opportunities and furthering their education

AUGE will offer training in job skills to 300 young Mexicans, between the ages of 14 and 22, from 40 communities in six municipalities surrounding Xalapa, Veracruz, and will support their small enterprises and/or pursuit of further education. In addition to the trainees, 1,200 family members are expected to benefit.

Rationale for Funding: According to Mexico’s Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de la Política de Desarrollo Social (CONEVAL), of the 52 million Mexicans who fall below the poverty line, 21 million are children or adolescents. CONEVAL has also determined that in Veracruz more than 53 percent of the population under the age of 17 is poor?well above the national average of 46.2 percent. Through this job-training project, AUGE will directly involve this vulnerable and isolated population, offering alternatives in employment and training.

Learning Objective: The project should demonstrate how a comprehensive strategy of training and funding for enterprises and additional education impact the well-being of young people and the likelihood they will migrate.