Asociación Peruana Mujer y Familia (APMF)

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Public Statement 2015

Title Safe Homes and Streets in San Juan de Lurigancho
Type of organization Nongovernmental organization
Country Peru
Duration  1 years 
IAF funding   $50,000
Counterpart committed $25,000 ($15,375 in cash, $9,625 in kind)
Number of direct &
indirect beneficiaries
Direct: 1,500
Indirect: 10,000
Primary program area Education/training

Asociación Peruana Mujer y Familia (APMF) was founded by professionals in health and law to increase and deepen the coverage of health care and support services for women from poor neighborhoods of Lima. It became legally constituted on July 4, 1995. It is led by a general assembly of 11 members that is in charge of defining policies and principal actions as well as establishing relations with the public and private sectors. The general assembly elects a board of four directors that serves for two-year periods. An executive director, also selected by the general assembly, is APMF’s legal representative. She is responsible for managing its programs and finances and oversees a staff of 10 who work in four operational areas: health, administration, management and communication.

APMF works to contribute to local development while respecting the rights of all to live a life of dignity without violence. To advance its mission, it has opened an office in the province of Callao, where it provides medical, laboratory and dental services to the community free of charge or for a small fee. AFMP understands the importance of prevention to ensure the physical, psychological and emotional health of women. Local governments and the mayor of Lima have supported many of its activities, including campaigns furthering health practices, food fairs, mural competitions and contests to identify the healthiest baby. AFMP aims to build local networks to respond to the needs of women and help reduce violence targeting them. In this connection it works with community organizers toward a multiplier effect, trains women and youths so they can support the efforts of Citizen Security Councils to assist victims, and organizes street theater focused on the prevention of domestic violence. APMF has received support from Marie Stopes International, the Kauffman Foundation and various corporations.

Project Objective
To prevent and reduce the incidence of violence against women in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho.

Project Description
APMF will train 100 women who will form a “Network of Leaders” that will conduct campaigns on the prevention of violence against women and sexual harassment and will refer victims to community and public resources. The trainees will work door-to-door and through street theater, print media and radio. The benefits of the project are expected to reach 10,000 Peruvians in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho

Rationale for Funding
According to Peru’s Ministry of Social Inclusion and Development, four of 10 Peruvian women suffer from violence, including sexual violence. Femicides are most prevalent in Lima, which registered 47 cases in 2013 or 36 percent of the national total for the year. Within the 41 districts that comprise the city, San Juan de Lurigancho, with six murders, had the most female victims of homicide and another six women were targets of attempted murder. During the same year, district residents reported 8,667 incidents of domestic violence—24 reports per day, one every hour?and this probably does not reflect the full extent of the problem. Statistics indicate that 56 percent of women victims of violence do not report the incident; of the 44 percent that do, only 30 percent contact local support institutions. A small grant would enable APMF to develop a plan to take full advantage of its strong links to local organizations and the public sector in bringing to light and addressing abuse that is so pervasive and damaging to women and families. As they do elsewhere in Peru, grassroots groups such as the Glass of Milk Committees (Comités del Vaso de Leche), Community Kitchens (Comedores Populares) and Community Councils (Juntas Vecinales) have a strong presence in San Juan de Lurigancho. Funding under this grant would allow APMF to bring leadership together to contribute meaningfully to the campaign. This could open up direct channels between them and the IAF and offer the IAF an opportunity to delve into this issue in Peru. 

Learning Opportunity
APMF’s work should show whether training and assistance with campaigns aimed at awareness and prevention can be effective in reducing violence against women.