Gabriela Boyer

Representative for Mexico and Nicaragua

Gabriela Boyer is the IAF Representative for Nicaragua and for community asset mobilization initiatives in Mexico. She has also served as the Foundation Representative for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Before she joined the IAF, Gabriela worked at the World Bank as a consultant on local and rural development, the environment, and community development for Central America. She has also worked as a fellow for the U.S. Forest Service and a researcher for Public Citizen and the Washington Center for Central American Studies. She holds a master’s degree in environmental policy from Tufts University and has published articles on public policy and local governance. During her nearly 10 years at the IAF, Gabriela’s work has supported a diverse group of grantees that includes many endeavoring to promote the responsible management of natural resources, environmentally-friendly agriculture, enterprise development, community philanthropy and the inclusion of women and indigenous people. Gabriela also leads IAF’s collaboration with the C.S. Mott Foundation and other donors to maximize the reach of grassroots development in Mexico.