Jeremy Coon

Representative for Bolivia

Jeremy Coon is the IAF Representative for Bolivia and regional initiatives including the Gran Chaco Americano which spans across Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and a small portion of Brazil. He also is the regional champion coordinating IAF’s Sustainable Natural Resources, Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative. His grant funding takes into account the contextual historical, cultural, and socio-economic differences influencing the priorities of grassroots organizations. His areas of focus include support for sustainable food systems and agricultural practices, responsible tourism, enterprise development, training of community leaders, transparency and governance, and inclusion of women, indigenous peoples, young people, African descendants, and people with disabilities.

Over his 25 years of professional experience in international development, Jeremy has specialized in micro small and medium enterprise development, local economic development, value chain finance, strategic planning and NGO capacity building. Previously, he worked with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the SEEP Network, and Social Compact providing expertise on developing strategies for constructing local development initiatives that empower communities and small businesses around the globe. He founded and supported the founding of several NGOs in enterprise development, health, culture and education. Jeremy was a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay and has worked and lived in Brazil. Jeremy speaks Spanish and Portuguese as well as some Guarani, French and German. He holds a master’s degree in International Development, a doctorate in International Economic Development from Tulane University, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations from Boston University.