Marcela Campuzano

Local Liaison for Colombia

Marcela Campuzano Cifuentes has served as the Local Liaison and Advisory Service assistant coordinator for the IAF in Colombia since 2015. As a consultant for the Fundación Capacitar, she visits each of the IAF’s grantees/partners once a year, stays in constant communications with them, and carries out follow-up activities to assess progress, needs, and opportunities. Her rapport with community leaders allows the team to monitor capacity strengthening, a key feature of the IAF’s grassroots development framework. Prior to this post, Marcela worked for various NGOs, development agencies, and government entities as a private consultant, social researcher, project coordinator and manager, including Fundación Evolución Caribe, Consorcio para el Desarrollo Comunitario, OXFAM UK-Colombia, GTZ Environmental Program, District Secretary of Social Integration (Bogotá Mayor’s Office), Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, and National Commission for Reparation and Reconciliation. Marcela focuses on empowering local communities and advocacy groups to implement initiatives and public policies, with an emphasis on human rights, peace building, and victims’ reparation; participatory methodologies; gender-sensitive indicators for social and environmental projects; free prior and informed consent procedures with Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities; and communication alternatives with urban and rural vulnerable populations. Marcela is an anthropologist with a bachelor’s degree from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia and has undertaken advanced graduate studies in Communication at the Universidad de la Laguna in Spain. She also holds a certificate as an Ontological Coach from the Newfield Consulting Program in Mexico.