Rafael Fernandez-MacGregor

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Rafael Fernandez-MacGregor

Advisory Council Member

Vice President for Latin America, GoDaddy

Rafael Fernández-MacGregor B. leads a diverse professional career as a business executive,  board member and entrepreneur, mostly in Mexico. Among others, he has been a consultant with McKinsey & Company, Executive Vice President of Banamex and President of its Financial Engineering Unit, and Chief Strategic Planning Officer of Grupo Desc, a diversified industrial group.  He led the group that introduced the first wave of broad digital services in Latin America for Microsoft and later served as General Manager of Global Business Development in its Market Expansion Group. 

As an entrepreneur he has been involved in the biotech, transportation, real estate and fintech sectors.  In 2008 he founded Red Qiubo, which accepts small cash and electronic payments in 70,000 “mom-and-pop” stores throughout Mexico. He has served on the Board of Directors of public and private companies and non-profit organizations such the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations and currently chairs its working group on cybersecurity.

He is currently Vice President for Latin America for GoDaddy, the world’s leading internet domain registrar and hosting company for small businesses.  He holds a degree in business from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico and an MBA from Harvard Business School.