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July 13, 2016 |  

Students acquire skills in several technical areas


Young Entrepreneurs in the Making


Accion y Desarrollo is a grassroots organization that provides vocational training to young people in Lima, Peru, with emphasis on gender equity. Students receive training in areas ranging from business management to culinary and seamstress skills, among others.  The organization also collaborates with parents and community leaders to determine how they can best prepare students to be successful in a competitive job market.  Acción y Desarrollo is using IAF funding to train more than 600 public school students from rural areas. See video about their work


Asociación Promoción de la Gestión Rural Económica y Social (PROGRESO)

Founded in 1991, PROGRESO provides technical and marketing assistance to farmers working small plots of land. PROGRESO helps identify projects that farm families can undertake to improve their economic and social conditions and increase their participation in development initiatives. Currently, PROGRESO supports 378 organic banana producers from two associations in the Piura Region increase their incomes by improving their production of organically grown bananas. Their work demonstrates elements of a successful agro-processing enterprise, including connections to markets abroad for products certified as organic and fair trade. 


Asociación Peruana Mujer y Familia (APMF)

Founded by health and legal professionals, APMF has worked to prevent and reduce the incidence of violence against women in Lima and its surrounding communities for more than two decades. APMF aims to build local networks to respond to the needs of women and help reduce violence against them. APMF currently trains women to form a “Network of Leaders” that will conduct campaigns to prevent violence and sexual harassment against women, and to make victims aware of the community and public resources available to them. To date, APMF is evaluating whether the dual strategy of training and assistance, combined with awareness campaigns aimed at prevention, can be effective in reducing violence against women.  

IAF Program in Peru

Active grantees: 21
IAF commitment: $5,702.554
Counterpart value: $5,602,416
Total investment: $11,304,970
Areas of emphasis: Agriculture, civic participation, education, enterprise development, inclusion of indigenous peoples, and support for women.