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January 12, 2017  


Grassroots Development  journal 2016 is available!

In this issue, we explore how our grassroots partners are building resilience to cope with environmental challenges. 





Living With Drought

This article of the Grassroots Development journal. Introduce us to the work of three grassroots groups transforming lives in the Brazilian Sertão: Agência de Desenvolvimento Econômico Local Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social, and Centro de Capacitação Zumbi dos Palmares.



Protecting Community Rights

Started by community members, to recover and maintain the customs and traditions, and protect their rights, Associacâo dos Remanescentes do Quilombo de Pombal assists Afro-descendant families that reside in neighboring agrarian reform settlements.The Association provides training in agro-ecological practices, including the production of organic compost and pesticides. 
Check a video about their work


Not your Regular Fish Tale

The pirarucu (Arapaima gigas), native to the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America, is sought after because of its tasty white meat. Cooperativa de Trabalho, Prestação de Serviços, Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural is working to manage stocks of the fish.

IAF Program in Brazil

Active grantees: 27
IAF commitment:    $6,382,084
Counterpart value:  $9,190,615
Total investment:  $15,572,699
Areas of emphasis: Agriculture/food production, environment/conservation, corporate social investment, cultural expression, education/training, enterprise development, health, inclusion of African descendants, women and young people, legal assistance.